Company Overview

M.Panayides Auto Spare Parts Ltd was founded in 1973 by Mr. Michalakis Panayides and his late wife Loulla. old3Mr. Michalakis is still our sales team leader with direct contact with most of our customers. For more than 40 years we offer quality parts at affordable prices for all kinds and types of cars. We are currently the representatives for a number of  quality European manufacturers who observe the strict EU quality standards and certifications.
We have always paid special attention to our customers’ needs and satisfaction. We keep personal contact with all our customers and we always try to meet all their car parts needs.

Since 2000 we have been specializing on ISUZU cars by importing a wide range of genuine parts and any sort of accessory. We are currently the only supplier in Cyprus for many items of ISUZU cars like door handles, window regulators, ISUZU genuine parts, lamps, etc. In 2005 we also extended our genuine parts line by adding MITSUBISHI genuine parts and TOYOTA genuine parts. We keep a wide range of genuine ISUZU, MITSUBISHI and TOYOTA parts in stock and we are ready to  take your special orders for unstocked items.



Be the trusted source for quality service and parts at the right prices.


  • Keep our customers always happy with high quality parts at affordable prices and efficient service
  • Fulfill all our customers’ parts needs even if we do not stock an item
  • Make ourselves accessible for any information that our clients need for their car
  • Deliver to the customer’s door anywhere in Cyprus
  • Provide free returns and exchanges
  • Consult on quoted labour expenses
  •  Always improve our spare parts lines to keep up with new models coming in the market.